Ursa Minor Newsletter 2020

“Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”:, or how about “June is Bustin Out All Over”, or maybe, if your’e lucky, “It Might As Well Be Spring”. Well, one way or another, “Here Comes The Sun”, time to consider spending some days at Ursa Minor Cottage in The Sleeping Bear Dunes of Northern Michigan.

A week at Ursa Minor costs $850. MONDAY THROUGH MONDAY (a change)
The end of June through September are weekly rentals only.
Call about renting for shorter stays or long ones in /May/June/Sept/Oct
Maximum 4 people.

Last season, thanks to Go-Daddy, our website CRASHED early in the season. We apologize if this caused you problems. We only learned of their mistake in October. Anyway, the website is now up and running again. The silver lining in that mistake is that it provided us with more time at the cottage in July and August, something we’d not done in many years. It was marvelous. We had forgotten!!

Last summer, we watched an endangered pair of Loons produce and raise a baby. Those Loons are terrific parents. It was a joy for all of us to watch them teach and care for their offspring.
Long Lake is designated as a protected habitat for Loons, and we have our own official “Loon Ranger” as one of our lakeside neighbors. The whole Long Lake Community took such care with these fascinating creatures, all spring-summer-fall. And, yes, in mid October, the juvenile Loon spread his wings and flew away to meet others on the passage south. Magical.

Very exciting “non-development” news at our precious Long Lake: The Sleeping Bear Lakeshore Park is in the process of purchasing 166 acres of land at the NE end of Long Lake and a part of Rush Lake, which adds significantly to a protected wildlife area. We could not be happier.

Last summer, we decided to bring our bikes to the cottage because of all the bike trails that are being developed. Two very good, multi-speed bikes with a unisex frame. We are willing to rent these bikes for the week for an extra fee. If you are interested, let us know and we will provide more information.

Bring yourself and a friend or loved one. A family with 2 small children is possible. Kids love sleeping in the little room, “the Nest” off the kitchen. Four very good friends is possible. Cottage capacity is limited to 4: 2 queen beds, 1 bathroom, 700 square feet total. Larger groups place too much wear and tear on the cottage and our Septic System. If at some time of your stay you want to have more than 4 stay overnight you may call to see if an exception can be made for a fee.

The cozy, comfortable Ursa Minor Cottage awaits. Its’ small private beach and dock, kayaks, large deck, terrific beds, full kitchen and dining room, “new” couch, and views to die for: I know I’m packing my bags (in between shoveling snow, of course).

One week at Ursa Minor costs $850.
The end of June through September are weekly rentals only.
If interested in coming in /May/June Oct/Nov, weekly or shorter stays are possible
IMPORTANT NOTE: The rental week this year is from MONDAY at 5pm to the following MONDAY at 12pm.


Kathy and Julia and Coleman
call 734 665 2397
email: ursaminorcottage@gmail.com

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