Ursa Minor Cottage Newsletter 2015



Hello all Ursa Minor Cottage enthusiasts,

There are quite a number of you now and we are always open to welcome more.

Kathy and I are perennially enthusiastic about the cottage and about the surrounding area.  From Frankfort to Glen Arbor, through picturesque Empire.  South through Frankfort and Elberta to the Arcadia Dunes.   From Beulah to Honor. From our Old Indian Trail to Pyramid Park Trail, at the other end of the Park.

As a person with an ADD type brain, I can get restless easily and ready to  move on to new places.  The cottage is different.  I never tire of going there.  There is a never ending list of old haunts to explore and new places to find, year after year.  It’s been 26 years now and our enthusiasm has not waned.

For those like Kathy, who love to nestle into a familiar place, the cottage is also perfect.  It can fit like an old shoe.    Partly, because we do as much as we can to keep it in the same vintage style.  While we have all the modern conveniences, except a dishwasher, we add furniture and decor in keeping with the l950’s knotty pine feel of the place.

I didn’t realize how rare our kind of place has become until I was trying to help a friend look for something similar to our cottage but a little bit bigger.  Despite extensive looking, we couldn’t find anything similar.  So, if you want the old rustic feel, but with great conveniences and a wonderful view, I don’t know if it gets any better. Truly, we are blessed.  I don’t know how we got so lucky!!

Only one family owned the cottage before us.  They were school teachers who spent every summer at the cottage with their niece. I sometimes imagine how wonderful it would be to spend 3 months in a row at the cottage.  Maybe some day.  But for now, we enjoy it every time we go, whether for 2 days or 2 weeks.

We are grateful to all of you who join us as guests, who help us maintain the cottage so that all of us can enjoy it.  We aim to make it your home away from home if you want it to be, but free of all the hassles of owning a place. Ursa Minor Cottage now has a rich history since 1989, some of which is mentioned in our Guest Logs.  It has been enriched by wonderful guests and happy experiences.

Kathy and I hope you will return and/or join us this year!

Rental for the Cottage this year is:

Per Week: $800 from Sunday at 5pm – the next Sunday at 12pm.

To reserve and confirm a place we ask for 1/2 of the rental, $400. And the balance 3 weeks before your stay.

$250  weekend rental, up to 3 days.

For your pleasure at the cottage we have:  Kayaks, rowboat, firepit and grill, fireplace, furnace, fantastic beds, cell phone reception, full kitchen, etc.

Of course, the most spectacular part of the cottage is that it is located

within the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore,  where you can enjoy:

35 miles of white sand beaches

100 miles of trails

a trail across the street taking you to a secluded spot on Lake Michigan

Bike trails

Ranger talks and walks

New within the park:

Bike/hiking trail from the D.H. Campground near Glen Haven to the town of Empire

Currently working on a Bay to Bay Trail from one end of the Park to the other, from Platte Bay to Good Harbor Bay

Enjoy the local towns of Frankfort, Elberta, Beulah, Honor, Empire, Glen Arbor, Glen Haven.

Golfing, fishing, paddleboarding, bike rentals, surfing all nearby.

Bob Sutherland, who owns Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor, puts out a monthly blog with interesting information,  fantastic pictures and all the happenings of the Glen Arbor area.  To view:


Here’s to  3 wonderful Seasons at Ursa Minor.

TO RESERVE A PLACE FOR THIS YEAR CALL write to ursaminorcottage@comcast.net or call  734 665 2397 and ask for Julia

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